How to Combat Child Cellulite

For reasons that are yet to be sufficiently explained, cellulite in children is slowly becoming more and more prevalent in industrialised countries. Some suggest, however, that the issue is not something found in your food but rather how much food is being consumed. Unfortunately, it is now fairly normal for children to have cellulite, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a wellness problem that needs to be solved.


Cellulite, or cottage cheese skin, has increased in children of industrialised countries with their rates of weight gain. However, cottage cheese skin is not simply fat, but a result of subcutaneous fat coupled with water retention herniating toward the skin, and there is controversy in the medical field over the greater wellbeing risks that come with cellulite.


Your child’s gender is also a factor when it comes to the development of cellulite. Research demonstrates that females, regardless of age, have a connective tissue that is honeycomb shaped, whereas men or boys have more of a horizontally structured connective tissue which makes them less likely to have a noticeable cellulite problem. This is why you will notice that, more often than not, the kids with cellulite are little girls. This doesn’t mean that every child with cellulite is overweight, however. The water retention that leads to the development of cellulite, coupled with restricted blood flow that actually helps to herniate the connective tissue, means that a child of any size is at risk.


Treatments for cellulite can be risky or expensive, such as the commonly recommended laser treatments, or Cellulaze which can run your bills into the thousands. One thing you could do that is far less expensive and not invasive at all is use a body brush, which works to stimulate blood flow as well as the lymph system while removing dead skin. One way of thinking believes that the cause of cellulite is the toxins or non-natural elements entering your children’s bodies, which might therefore advocate an organic or even paleo based diet. Ask your doctor or look online for more information.

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