MTV’s ultimate Ibiza survival guide

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Ibiza really is heaven on earth with it being home to crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and some of the biggest nightclubs in the world. So with famous DJs playing every night in the dance music capital, you don’t want to miss a moment of precious party time.


By following these little tips, you’ll be able to squeeze everything out of your Ibiza experience. Listen up…



Pack wisely (and lightly!)

During the summer party season temps can soar into the 40s so your week in Ibiza is going to consist of nothing more than some swimmers, thongs, a dress and shorts. In saying that though, you want to be prepared for any occasion or situation, so don’t leave home without your phone charger, travel power adapter, plane size toiletries (so you can fit more shopping in) and sun cream.



Plan your days in advance

Strategic planning of who is playing where and when will ensure you don’t miss out on all the hot DJs at the best clubs. So while you’re getting some colour from that Mediterranean sun make sure you have locked in which clubs you’re going to go to that night and buy the tickets in advance (no one wants to spend their holiday waiting in queues!).



Have a plan of attack

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are in a foreign country and you lose your friends! What’s even worse is if you miss an amazing Ibiza moment because you’ve become separated… So if some of you want to venture off for some exploring, make sure you’ve set a time and place to meet back again so you can re-group and get the party started!



Make friends

People you meet on holidays can be a valuable commodity especially if they’ve done the Ibiza party week a few times before. So broaden your horizons by hanging out with a few new people, even locals, and you never know what hidden club gems they may lead you to!



Be prepared

You’re in a foreign country so anything is possible! Make sure you have enough money (or credit cards) to get you through any unforseen emergency – yes this does include shopping!



Don’t miss…

Anywhere you go in Ibiza isn’t going to disappoint but make sure you put super clubs Pacha, Space, Amnesia and Privilege on your must-see list. Along with out of world set ups, these clubs bring in the best dance music acts from around the world and will give you a music experience like no other.



Don’t forget the camera
So you’ve survived Ibiza only to not remember what actually happened. A camera is essential for documenting what you’ll describe on Facebook as the best week of your life – but you might want to do some strategic editing if you’re online ‘friends’ with your parents…


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