How Can You Treat Lyme disease?

What we call Lyme disease falls under the classification of ‘toxic fire’ in Chinese medicine. From a scientific point of view, this classification groups bacterial and viral infections under its heading, as well as parasites and chemical toxins. The Chinese method of treating the ‘fire toxins’ of Lyme disease involves herbal treatment. The heat clearing herbs of Chinese complementary medicine have been proven to have an effective anti-bacterial effect on the body. Such treatment can be useful to you in treating a specific condition, as well as giving your body a full detox.


The treatment for Lyme disease falls into three stages. The first stage is a ‘fire quenching treatment’, or detoxifying cleanse of the body. It makes use of traditional Chinese herbs that have shown to be quite effective in treating ‘toxic fire’ conditions such as malaria, typhoid, pneumonia and of course, Lyme disease. A formula of six herbs is used to perform this initial detoxification. An intense initial course of treatment should be followed in the medium-term with a supportive herbal tonic to enhance your wellbeing.
A special Chinese root called Xu Duan should be used alongside the heat clearing treatment. The powdered root should be applied as a tincture to joints, where it will chase out toxins. This will detoxify the joints, and allow the heat clearing formula in the bloodstream to wash the toxins away. The treatment doesn’t end here, however. A long-term herbal tonic should be taken to build and maintain a strong immune system, in order to prevent the recurrence of the condition. The process can do wonders as a cure for Lyme disease, as well as providing a long-term wellness tonic.

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