Can Chinese Medicine Improve The Immune System?

Few of us are able to make it through a British winter without some flu and cold symptoms. Pharmaceuticals and ‘hot toddies’ are always there as pick-me-ups, but why not consider a complementary system to keep your immune system strong throughout the winter? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a variety of treatments to help you deal with flu-like symptoms as well as to boost your general wellbeing.


TCM is all about strengthening Qi (vital energy) in the body. The Wei Qi (immune energy) is the very core of your wellness in that it is the very backbone of the whole Qi system. You can keep this system robust and strong through the coldest winter by following these methods:


Diet – a healthy diet is essential, and should contain a majority of fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to avoid sugar, as most sugars lower your immunity.

Fresh air – take regular outdoor exercise, including long walks in order to expose yourself to the sun (Vitamin D)

Acupuncture – consider receiving acupuncture treatments to balance the energy flow in your body; a sure way to strengthen Wei Qi.

Take TCM herbal supplements – Astralagus is one of the leading immune tonics, and can be combined with Ginseng to give you an excellent boost (a tonic known as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang). Medicinal mushrooms are a good resort when you feel your immune system is under attack – consider using Reishi and Maitaki mushrooms. Another formula to look out for is the ‘Four Gentleman Formula’, a classic immune tonic.

If you do come down with flu-like symptoms, TCM has a range of excellent treatments. But in the meantime, focus on building a strong immune system that can withstand anything!

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