How Ginger is a friend in the fight against prostate cancer

A recent American study reveals a new friend in the fight against cancer – ginger. The results of the study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that ginger extract kills human prostate cancer cells while maintaining their healthy counterparts. Over the course of eight weeks, ginger extract was seen to reduce the growth of prostate tumours by half. Participants in the study took a daily dose of 100mg of ginger extract per kilogram of body weight. Researchers claim that this equates to an average dose of 550mg extract per day, and that 100 grams of fresh ginger will give the same results.


Ginger has long been a favourite of complementary medicine for its ability to aid numerous health conditions. It is a great remedy for nausea, sore throats, indigestion, poor circulation and arthritis, to name just a few. In relation to cancer, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are extremely valuable in restoring wellness to the sufferer. Additionally, ginger has been shown to have an anti-proliferative effect on tumours and considerably slow their growth. Its great advantage as a treatment for prostate cancer is that you get no side effects. Ginger will leave no trace of toxicity in your gut and bone marrow, as many other treatments are guilty of.


Men who are concerned about prostate cancer should take a wide view of their diet in order to fortify themselves and their immune system. It is important to know that synthetic folic acid and zinc oxide make you more likely to develop prostate cancer. The same danger is present for men who take high doses of multi-vitamins on a regular basis. As always, natural alternatives are better, and studies suggest that fish oil, magnesium, broccoli and tomatoes are a great protection against cancer. The maintenance of a low-carb diet is also claimed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer represents a big fear for many men as they get older. Though it is rare that it turns out to be fatal, there is a strong likelihood of developing cancer cells in the prostate – by 50 years of age, about 40% of men will already have it. Complementary health advice is important for giving you all the tools you need to overcome it, and stop its growth. Forewarned is forearmed; so follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to assure your wellbeing.

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