How to cure headaches using a few simple techniques

Headaches are a fact of life for many of us, and especially so at those times when our schedule is overflowing! It doesn’t seem fair that the time we put the most work in, is when we’re rewarded in the worst possible way. Tension headaches can happen to us all, and are usually a sign that you’re putting too many demands on yourself. Fortunately, complementary therapies offer a range of remedies for this problem; but first, you should understand the cause of your headache.


Medically speaking, there are many different types of headache, but it’s clearer to use a main classification between tension (muscle contraction) headaches, and migraines. Tension headaches are the regular type, caused by anxiety, stress or over-exertion. Emotional or work stress is communicated to the body and expresses itself by muscular tension in the neck and shoulders. This starts a painful cycle of tension, restricted blood supply and pain; responsible for a dull kind of headache.


Since muscles play such an important part in tension headaches, the use of heat, massage, relaxation and flexibility exercises are key to curing them. Consider keeping a heat pack at hand and combining it with gentle stretching when tension strikes at work. If you’re at home, a hot bath will bring ease to the affected area. When tension headaches are recurring, it is wise to consider taking regular massages to provide deeper relaxation to the muscles.


Migraines have similar causes as tension headaches, but usually represent a bigger problem. Though stress can be a trigger, lifestyle or other physiological conditions are often the cause. The pain is characterized by a pulsating ache, as opposed to the constant pain of tension headaches. Sufferers often report it as a one-sided pain, and often experience nausea and sensitivity to light. As such, it is best to lie in a quiet, dark room and use a cold pack to the back of the neck. Massage is also likely to bring considerable relief. In the case of migraines, it is advisable to take pain medication immediately, as this may abort a full attack.


For any headache, lifestyle is the place to start. Stress management techniques are useful tools to have, or you may wish to re-evaluate your workload. Remember that we were not made for work alone; overwork can only damage your wellbeing and isn’t sustainable in the long run. Learn self-treatment and stretching techniques, drink plenty of water and try to remove the need for pain medication. In the case of recurring migraines, take a comprehensive view of your lifestyle under the guidance of a complementary therapist or medical expert. Whatever else is happening in your life, your wellness should be number 1!

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