David Beckham’s soft spot for family

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SINGAPORE — Shortly after his wife graced the sunny island of Singapore last month, former Real Madrid and Manchester United superstar David Beckham made an appearance at Marina Bay Sands today (June 14).


The 39-year-old football icon conducted a football clinic with athletes from SportsCare Singapore, Special Olympics, Deaf Association Singapore and Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled.


The beneficiaries included underprivileged youth, youth-at-risk and people with different disabilities, ranging from cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and hearing impairment. Beckham advised the 90 participating athletes: “Enjoy what you are doing, work hard and have passion.”


He later took part in a charity auction, where he put up a pair of his football boots for bidding. “One of the things I’m very passionate about is charity,” he said. “It gives me a lot of happiness.”


“This is a special item because it has my family’s names, they are my support” added Beckham. “And the colour pink is dedicated to my baby girl.” The boots have his children’s names, Victoria Beckham’s initials and his signature on them.


The dedicated family man added that although he has enjoyed his 22 years of football, he looks forward to focusing on being a father to his four children.


He said he enjoys sending his children to school and practicing with his minivan. “I feel like I’m becoming a taxi driver,” he quipped.


Beckham’s pink boots — with a starting price of US$1,000 — will be added to the list of items on the Celebrities Give Back to Singapore auction, an annual Sands for Singapore Festival. The boots join his wife’s earlier contribution of three hand-picked items from her clothing line.


To bid, visit bit.ly/sandsforsingapore.


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