Havies win Inter-Club Sevens

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Havelock Sports Club, runners-up in the League Rugby tournament, ended donning the crown when they won the Cup Championship beating CH & FC in the final in the Inter-Club Rugby Sevens, worked off at the Race Course Grounds in Reid Avenue, on Sunday.


The Havies, scored 31 points against CH & FC’s 14 points, after leading by 14 points to 7, at the half way mark.


The winners collected their points through three goals and two unconverted tries, while CH & FC scored two goals.


Chamara Dabare, Sandun Herath, Mohammed Sheriff (2) and Mithun Hapugoda scored tries for the Havies, while Sashan Mohamed and Nishan Peiris scored for CH & FC.


Kandy SC ‘B’ won the Plate Championship while their fellow team Kandy SC ‘A’ finished third in the Cup Championship. Air Force ‘A’ and ‘B’ won the Bowl and Shield Championships, respectively.




Cup Championship



Havelocks beat CH & FC 31-14


Consolation Final


Kandy SC ‘A’ beat CR & FC ‘A’ 48-07




Havelocks SC beat Kandy SC 14-7


CH & FC beat CR & FC 15-7


Player of the Tournament: Mohammed Sheriff (Havelocks SC)


Plate Championship




Kandy SC ‘B’ beat Army SC ‘A’ 26-17




Kandy SC ‘B’ beat Navy Dreadnoughts 31-10


Army ‘A’ beat Police SC 17-12


Bowl Championship




Air Force ‘A’ beat Army ‘B’ 29-07




Army ‘B’ beat CR & FC ‘B’ 17-10


Air Force ‘A’ beat Army ‘C’ 28-05


Shield Championship




Air Force ‘B’ beat Navy 24-07




Navy beat Petersons 26-05


Air Force ‘B’ beat Air Force ‘C’ 33-15

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