‘Tomato pill’ developed to improve blood pressure

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Researchers from Cambridge University, with the backing of the Wellcome Trust, the British Heart Foundation and the National Institute of Health Research, investigated the efficacy of a newly developed so-called ‘tomato pill’. The pill is being produced by a company called CamNutra but the study was conducted independently.


The researchers asked 36 healthy study participants and 36 other participants with heart disease to take a tablet on a daily basis. Some were given the tomato pill, others were given a placebo.


Researchers checked all the study participants’ blood by looking at their ‘forearm blood flow’- an aspect of blood flow that can be used to predict future risk of cardiovascular disease. Two months later, the researchers checked their blood flow again, and found that the tomato pill improved it significantly. Overall, however, there was no significant effect on blood pressure or levels of fats.


Of course, this was a very small study so further research is needed. In the meantime, here are some ideas for adding tomatoes to your meals. Bear in mind that many people who can’t stomach raw tomatoes find cooked tomatoes easier to eat.



  • Chutney. If you don’t like the flavour of tomatoes, chutney is a good way to go because the other ingredients – herbs, spices and vinegar – mask it.


  • Cheese and tomato muffins. Savoury muffins are a good way to hide tomatoes as the cheese flavour dominates.


  • Tomato soup cake. Yes, you read that correctly. This spicy moist cake is so popular Cambell’s even has a recipe for it.


  • Curry. Again, the spices in curries are an excellent way to mask that tomato flavour.


  • Baked beans. Making your own is as simple as boiling some white or haricot beans, and making a tomato sauce to mix with them. By making your own you can reduce the amount of salt and sugar in them.


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