Parkour craze comes to the Main Line

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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (WPVI) — Celebrity crazed parkour has people of all shapes and sizes giving this sort of ‘grown up jungle gym’ a spin.


‘Parkour is overcoming mental obstacles through physical challenges,” said Toni Filipone, who recently opened Main Line Parkour.


It’s our area’s first training center featuring a 9,000 foot obstacle course where they welcome everyone, including Hollywood stunt doubles!


“We just trained the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle guy. There’s a lot of teenage mutant ninja turtle stuff going on here,” she said.


Parkour was born in France in the 1980s and, until now, all of this aerial amazement was happening at parks.


“It became urban gymnastics for people who were in bad situations at home used it as an outlet instead of doing drugs or bullying,” Filipone said.


Filipone says she brought it all indoors to make it safe for everyone, even little ones as young as 18 months – supervised, of course.


Some regulars said you have so much fun you forget you’re working out.


“It’s full body plyometrics and your core constantly involved in all of your movement,” said Brandon McClary of Germantown.


But what sets this apart from any other fitness routine is that the hurdles you overcome
aren’t just physical.


“It’s learning how to trust yourself completely,” said Jenelle Parks of Wayne, Pa.


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