Actual Parkour Used in Development of EA’s "Mirror’s Edge 2" (Video)

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The new trailer for EA and DICE’s Mirror’s Edge 2 is phenomenal. Featuring series protagonist Faith, the video shows our acrobatic heroine darting around buildings and walls from a first-person perspective. It’s immediate, fast, and should have any fans of the series looking forward to its next installment.


Also of note about the clip is that the development team used actual parkour freerunners to help shape the action of the gameplay. As you can see above, the gameplay is interspersed with moments of actual parkour movement, giving the game an intensely realistic feel. “We’ve had parkour artists come in and talk to us about the movement. They can teach us a lot about the moves that we have in the game and how we can also expand on it,” said one individual involved with the project.


It appears that all of their hard work and research is paying off. This video has us at the edge of our seat.


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