What is Qi Gong meditation and what are the health benefits?

Qi Gong or Chi Kung means energy work and originated in ancient China some 3,000 years ago. The first known recordings of Qi Gong practice were found in caves depicting people round a fire dancing to specific postures and movements. Qi Gong is the art of moving meditation for health, longevity and self-defense. It is better known Tai Chi, which also a part of Chi Gong, but is more known for self defense than just healing.

Qi Gong is scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve your immunity, flexibility, blood and Chi (your life force energy) flow, and is also a great means of gentle physical exercise. There are many different forms of Qi Gong; sequences of postures and movements made especially to activate organs of the body and develop an instinctive means of self-defense. Essentially, this art co-ordinates your breath, energy flow and physical movement into sequences of movement which become an every-day practice as the movements slip into your sub-conscious mind to enable easy and effortless exercise with outstanding benefits for your all round wellbeing.

A session will start with light loosening movements to open, stretch and relax your body and also to get that vital life force flowing more easily. Then you will go more into a specific “form” or style of Qi Gong – the sequence of flowing gentle rhythmic movements. There are literally hundreds of different forms that have evolved over thousands of years; some new kinds are being developed even today by advanced practitioners who seek a specific style appropriate to their needs. Such new kinds are motivated by their personal needs, the needs of their students and sometimes for specific reasons like improving kidney health, vitality or relaxation.

Qi Gong is one of the most effective complementary practices for an all-round sense of wellbeing. It is easy to do for people of all ages and what’s more it has actually been proven to work. It is therefore fair to say that starting a Qi Gong practice is a good way to improve your wellness. This could become a real source of peace, health and confidence allowing you to walk in the world without fear or disease.

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