5 Home Health Hazards You Should Address Right Now


By Meghan Belnap


Home life might seem simple and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hazards lurking throughout your home that you aren’t even aware of. Looking out for the health of your family is paramount for every parent and most don’t think to look at these potential hazards that are lurking right in your very own home.



Lead Poisoning

Lead is a naturally occurring element that exists in the environment, but if contained inside of the home, it can be extremely dangerous. Lead, found commonly in paint, certain toys, and gasoline, can cause infertility, high blood pressure, and joint/muscle pain. If a child swallows lead, lasting effects can range anywhere from brain damage to anemia. Lead can be tested for in the home, and it’s always wise to ensure that nothing you purchase or bring into the home contains it. Most of the lead poisoning seen have occurred in older homes so if your home is older than 1978 then you should have a professional come and test your home.



HVAC System Hazards

If an HVAC system is not cleaned or used properly, it can present its own fair share of health hazards. HVAC system present many hazards such as indoor air pollution, allergy irritation, respiratory illnesses, and much more. The vents can also become a hazard when cobwebs, debris, or dust are blowing out of them, or if there is visible mold inside of them. Contacting a professional cleaner, like those at Romaniuk Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, to maintain these facets of your home is crucial for avoiding these types of hazards. Many people who get their systems cleaned and checked notice an increased amount of energy as their immune systems aren’t being constantly barraged with toxins.



Radon Hazards

Uranium is an element that can commonly be found in most types of soil, and when it decays, radon is released. Radon, when released, can seep through cracks in the home and lodge there for long periods of time. High amounts of radon in the home can lead to cancer, and in some cases, death. Radon contamination can be avoided by sealing floors and walls where outside gases can easily seep in.



Pesticide Use

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that pesticides are in nearly 3 quarters of US homes. Contact with pesticides can result in nausea, headaches, neurological complications, convulsions, and in extreme cases, death. Switching to natural pesticides dramatically helps to eliminate the possibility of these unfortunate outcomes.



Toxic Mold

Last but certainly not least, toxic mold is a living organism that can most commonly be found in warm, damp environments. This is why mold is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Mold organisms produce mycotoxins that are extremely dangerous to those living inside the home. These toxins can cause memory loss, allergy systems, headaches, rashes, and mood swings. The best way to prevent a mold problem is to dry water damage as soon as possible and controlling moisture levels inside the home.


These hazards can, normally, be identified with little effort but getting some professional to come in a take a look at your home should not be out of the question. Make sure you are keeping your family safe from these potential hazards by recognizing and addressing these issues early.



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