Sex with a New Partner? There’s an App For That


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Just in case an intimate encounter with someone new isn’t awkward enough, here’s a new app to really kill the mood.

Good2Go, a free app available on iTunes and GooglePlay, is designed to “facilitate communication between two consenting adults, which will result in fewer situations in which one party is uncomfortable, unwilling, or unable to give consent for sexual activity,” according to its creators. The app asks both partners to select their consent status and confirm their sobriety levels before determining if they’re “Good2Go.”


(The aim of Good2Go is to help prevent sexual assault among college-aged people, and while it’s a commendable idea, critics point out that the app harmfully oversimplifies consent and that people intending to commit sexual assault likely wouldn’t use the app in the first place.)


Of course, once you’ve established that you’re both ready and willing, there are other hurdles to jump over before doing the deed—including making sure you both have a clean bill of health. Here are 10 questions to ask a new partner before having sex.


Then, after all that, if you’re both still awake, have fun!


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