Doctor Dilemmas: What It Takes To Get Your Dream Job



Medicine can be a very rewarding career choice. It gives you the chance to help people, and earn a good income at the same time. However, any doctor will tell you that the road to getting to where they are at now was not easy. Below are some tips that will help you get your dream job as a doctor, and what to expect along the way.

Excel In Medical School

After you complete your bachelor’s degree, you will need to attend medical school. Excelling in medical school is one of the keys to getting your dream job. However, medical school will require you make a lot of sacrifices. Not only will you be required to spend several hours in class per week, but you will also have to spend a lot of time out of class studying. You might even be required to take online RHIA programs in addition to your other courses.
Medical school will take up a lot of your social time. There will most likely be times when your family members and friends are going out, but you will be unable to go because you have to study and/or complete homework.


Get Experience While In Medical School

Even though medical school will take up a lot of your time, you should still consider getting some medical experience outside the classroom. This is something that employers are looking for in potential candidates. For example, you can shadow a doctor, or you can volunteer at a healthcare organization. Any experience that you can get related to health care or medicine will greatly benefit you when you are applying for a job. Some people even earn a master’s of health management before they apply to medical school.


Put Together a Great Resume
You will need to have a great resume before you get a job as a doctor. Make sure your resume highlights all of your achievements and skills. You may also want to have someone proofread your resume before you submit it. Make sure you include internships and any experience you had in and out of the classroom.


Attend Job Fairs
Networking is one of the keys to finding any type of job nowadays, which is why you may want to attend job fairs in your area. Many job fairs have in-house recruiters that present employment opportunities to potential physicians.

Medicine is a very competitive field, but excelling in medical school will increase your chances of getting your dream job. You should also get some experience in the medical field, put together a great resume, and attend job fairs in your area.


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