Trojan condoms includes Columbia in list of colleges with best sexual health

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Trojan condoms (not to be confused with the USC Trojans or the people from the ancient city of Troy) ranks Columbia as number eight in their Sexual Health Report Card. Ranking which colleges best provide their students with the resources and information they need to have safe sex, Oregon State University is ranked number one, thanks to the their newspaper’s Dr. Sex column, in which a faculty member in the life sciences answers anonymous questions from students. Frankly, I am with Alma Mater and would much rather Go Ask Alice! than a professor.

The study also looked at hours and accessibility of health centers, programming for sexual health education, availibility of testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and quality of sexual health information online.

This ranking is particularly exciting because we rank above Princeton, last year’s number one, who fell in the past year to number thirteen. We do, however, rank directly behind Brown, but I am sure that free NYC condoms are better than any Providence ones.

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