Sexual health – including quality of information and access to contraceptives – ranked at colleges

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Forget academics – the latest college rankings look at sexual health.

Ohio’s schools fared well.

The annual Sexual Health Report Card by condom maker Trojan evaluates 140 universities based on sexual health resources and information available to students on campus.

Ohio State University ranked the highest at 23. Other schools and their rankings are Ohio University (#42), University of Cincinnati (#46), Kent State University (#61), Bowling Green State University (#80), Miami University (#83), University of Toledo (#95), and University of Akron (#106).

The study was commissioned by Trojan and conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces.

Student health centers were graded on 11 categories including quality of sexual health information and resources provided on their websites, contraceptive and condom availability, HIV and sexually-transmitted infection testing and sexual assault programs.

The top 10 are Oregon State University, the University of Texas, University of Maryland, University of Arizona, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Brown University, Columbia University, Syracuse University and the University of Wisconsin.

Trojan also recently released a study that examined condom attitudes and behaviors among adults, with a focus on college-age adults.

Findings include:

  • 64 percent of college age adults reported using a condom the last time they had sex compared to 54 percent of those ages 23-34.
  • Fewer college age adults have had sexually transmitted disease than their older peers and they are nearly twice as likely not to have ever been tested for an STD.
  • College age adults are more likely to think a condom signals respect and responsibility than to think it indicates any of the negative stigma associations.

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