Same Sex Partners Can Obtain Health Insurance in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica News – Since November 10th, homosexual couples have been able to apply for their partners to share their health insurance from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

This is big news that was first discussed in May when the Board of Directors approved this change. It is now officially published in La Gaceta.

Now any couple living together, regardless of their sexual orientation, have this benefit extended to them. There are only a few requirements. You must present both ID cards, fill out an application for family benefits and declare and provide proof of coexistence.

This proof can be documents on communal property or affidavits of witnesses.

The family must be verified as coexisting and having economic dependence. The whole process takes ten days, at most. For some reason, the CCSS will allow just 15,200 gay couples to receive this benefit, so act quickly!

The officers in all of the EBAIS, health centers and hospitals have been trained on this subject and other reforms. 1.9 million people currently have insurance. 80% of these are partners or children of the insured.

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