Time to Quit: Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

Knowing you need to quit smoking is easy; after all, the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine are well documented. In fact, they are printed on every packet of cigarettes.

However, it is one thing to choose to quit and another to actually do it. The road to a smoke free life is complicated because your body has gotten used to nicotine and the other substances found in cigarettes. Withdrawal from these chemicals can cause anxiety and instability in your moods.

Whilst stopping smoking may seem like an indomitable task in the beginning, there are ways to help you ease the pain and reach your goal.

Family and friends
Social support can make a huge difference in the battle against smoking. Tell your loved ones that you are trying to quit and ask them for help. Simply knowing that there is someone on your side can increase your chances of success. If they help you combat the temptation for “one more cigarette” they will be doing you a great favour.

Get rid of temptation
Cravings are a part of the process, and the last thing you need is more temptation when you are trying to quit. Get rid of all cigarettes, cigars, ashtrays and any other smoking paraphernalia you might have. Not having any of these items at hand can help keep your mind occupied with other things.

Remember the reasons
Write down a list of why you are quitting smoking; of the health benefits you’ll experience once you’ve quit, of how your clothes will finally stop smelling of tobacco and any other personal motives you may have for deciding to quit.

When you feel like you need a smoke, go back to that list and give it a read. It might give you that extra boost in will power you need.

Be informed.
When you quit smoking your body will go through a series of changes, and it is important to know what these changes are and how to anticipate them. A cough, an increase in appetite, headaches, and mood swings; releasing yourself from dependency on cigarettes has many effects. Read up on everything that you can expect to go through so that you can respond accordingly.

Talk to your doctor
There are ways that medical science can help you ease your way into a smoke free life. Champix is one option for reducing nicotine cravings and the symptoms associated with them. It helps people gradually. Nicotine replacement is another alternative. Visit your general practitioner and see how they can help you achieve your goal of a new and healthier lifestyle.

The choice to quit smoking is a powerful and meaningful one. Don’t let the struggle lead you into a relapse or stop you on the way to a smoke free life. Take advantage of the resources around you and before you know it, tobacco can be a thing of the past.


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