How Can You Improve Your Fitness with Martial Arts?

martial artsMartial arts are becoming more and more popular among women for a variety of reasons. You might like to take up martial arts because you’re concerned for your wellbeing, and want a good mode of self-defence. You might like it because it’s a great hobby or something to do with friends, or you might think it’s a great fitness regime. Perhaps the last reason doesn’t exactly spring to mind when you compare martial arts to, say, running or going to the gym, but learning a martial art is a great overall workout for your body.


Firstly, as martial arts require a lot of movement, they’re great for building your cardiovascular wellness and stamina. Boxing and kickboxing, for example, often involve fast-paced and intense bursts of speed, and so are well apt to improve your overall cardio ability. This is because you are getting your blood pumping through your heart and veins on a regular basis, and so this will make you healthier and strengthen your heart.


One of the more obvious benefits of taking up a high-movement activity like a martial art is that all that aerobic activity will help you to lose weight. If you participate in an hour of repeated martial arts exercises and training, then you could potentially lose an average of 500 calories. And if you do that two or three times a week, you could shift roughly half a pound of fat. Martial arts will also help you to use muscles you probably never thought you would use, but through repeated regimes, you can tone up and strengthen your muscular frame, which gets you in great shape and helps to boost your resting metabolism.


Also, because martial arts often require the same routine to be performed again and again, this improves your muscle memory. This is important for enhancing your reflexes, coordination and speed, and can help you to react faster. Many people take up martial arts as a means of self-defence for this reason, but faster reactions can also carry over to the regular activities you perform in your daily life. From carrying the shopping to crossing the road, everything you do can be done more effectively.


Finally, don’t forget the mental benefits of taking up martial arts. Your body and your mind are linked, and so when you improve your physical performance, your cognitive ability and mood will improve too. Exercising in this way can help to relieve stress and anxiety, and generally boost your overall mood and sense of wellbeing too. If you’re interested in martial arts, or want more information, visit to find out more.

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