6 Easy Steps To Qigong Embryonic Breath

The ancient practice of Qigong is one of the most effective moving meditations you could choose. An excellent all-round complementary therapy, it provides a formula for wellness including breath, exercise and concentration. Those interested in the practice should begin by learning some of the basic breathing techniques. When mastered they can give you a five-minute wellbeing tonic at any time, and in any location. An excellent place to begin is with the breathing adjustment technique: Embryonic Breathing.

Embryonic Breathing, also referred to as Fetal Breathing by Qigong practitioners is a natural state of breath resembling a child’s. It takes you back to the natural rhythms of the body, and revitalises you from within. In line with its name, this breath is focused around the navel; the centre of energy in the body.

1. Begin by choosing a relaxed position. You can sit, stand or lie down, but ensure that your spine is straight and your chest open.

2. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This connects your internal energy circuit, according to the system of Qigong.


3. Find your Dan Tian. This is the spot approximately three fingers below your navel. Place one of your palms over this spot, and the other palm above it.


4. Slowly relax and deepen your breathing. Develop an awareness of the position of your palms and gradually build the idea that you are breathing into them. Your belly should naturally rise on the inhale. Pay attention to how your palms rise and fall in accordance with your breath.


5. Continue step 4, and ask a partner to help you. Your partner should place their hands on your sides, around the position of your kidneys. Start to feel your breath pushing out to the sides and connecting with all four palms. Watch the two sets of palms rise and fall.


6. Ask your partner to move their hands to your lower back and repeat the visualisation from this location. Feel your whole lower trunk expand and contract and keep your awareness on the full intake of energy. With this, you charge your Dan Tian and boost the power of your entire being.

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