6 Surprising Benefits of Good Oral Health



You might think that good oral hygiene only leads to white teach and good-smelling breath. While these are two of the many benefits of brushing and flossing, good oral care can improve your overall health. The mouth is the gateway to your body, and poor dental hygiene can lead to more than just cavities, plaque, and halitosis. If you need more incentives to make oral health a priority, here are 6 surprising benefits associated with good dental hygiene:


1. Reduce the Incidence of Diabetes 

Believe it or not, there is a direct connection between gum disease and diabetes. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes have been found to be more prone to gum disease, and severe gum disease can in turn contribute to this condition. One of the reasons why is because the toxins that bacteria in the mouth produce can lead to insulin resistance and raised glucose levels.


2. Keep Your Heart Healthy

The American Heart Association has found that periodontal disease can actually increase your risk of heart disease. This is because the bacteria that forms around the gum line and inside of the gums can be swallowed and then cause inflammation in other areas of the body. This significantly affects the heart and is a major risk factor that should be avoided at all costs. Getting routine dental check-ups with Dr. David K. Skeels or other reputable dentists can help you tackle the problem early on if you have gingivitis, which is the onset of periodontal disease.


3. Early Detection of Cancer 

There are cancers of all types of the body, and cancer of the mouth can be detected before you experience any noticeable symptoms. During your routine check, your dentist will perform a cancer screening by looking for suspicious lesions or soft tissues. If detected early, you can seek lifesaving treatment early and improve your chances of survival.


4. Healthy Mouth Means Healthy Baby 

Oral care is critical while you’re pregnant. Studies show that women who have poor oral health are more at-risk of having a premature baby or a baby with a low birth weight. Keeping up with dental care while you are expecting benefits you and your baby too.


5. Helps Control Your Weight 

Brushing your teeth can actually be used to trick yourself into controlling your portions. The key is to eat a complete and nutritional meal and then immediately brush your teeth. Once you have brushed, you are less likely to snack even if you have a craving.


6. Preserve Your Memory 

Studies show that people who have gingivitis are more likely to perform poorly on cognitive tests that assess their verbal recall. Brushing your teeth and fighting that bacteria has been found to actually improve your memory.


The mouth-body connection means that a health mouth will lead to a health body and brain. Be sure to see a dentist regularly, make oral hygiene a priority, and boost your overall health.


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