Bee Propolis – Another Wellness Gift From The Bees

Recent wellbeing wisdom has been keen to promote the qualities of bee pollen as a food supplement. Now fully recognized as a ‘super food’ in the complementary health market, it has begun to make way for its sister supplement, bee propolis. Bee propolis is a mixture of resins, beeswax and amino acids that honeybees collect alongside pollen as they travel from plant to plant. The substance is used to create the structure of beehives and gives the bees numerous antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral properties as they rub against it. The vast amount of wellness benefits bees receive from propolis are available to us too.


Propolis is an excellent booster for the immune system. It is extremely high in vitamin B complex vitamins, and also contains significant proportions of vitamins C and E. In addition to its antibiotic qualities, propolis contains high levels of antioxidants; vital for enhancing the performance of the immune system. As such, propolis is the perfect supplement to counteract cold and flu symptoms.


It is also gaining popularity as a topical treatment, especially in regard to healing wounds. As a strong antibacterial agent, it is sure to safeguard any wound or abrasion against infection while it heals. Its anti-inflammatory qualities further its effectiveness in healing wounds as well as making it an excellent internal treatment for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.


Because bee propolis is an anti-viral agent, it has found appropriate use as an antidote for herpes, a painful and incurable condition. As a fully natural remedy, propolis can be ingested as well as used topically on the canker sores caused by herpes, or any other kind of warts that appear on the body. Propolis works equally well against fungal infections, such as yeast infections of the genitals or mouth. Here, it can provide great relief whether taken orally, topically or in the form of a tincture.


The most promising results of research into bee propolis can be seen in recent cancer studies. Early studies suggest that propolis causes a high rate of cell death in cases of prostate and colon cancer, while leaving no toxic residue in the body. Studies into this topic are ongoing, and it is hoped that propolis could provide a valuable support to chemotherapy.


With the exhaustive list of benefits from bee propolis, you cannot avoid keeping some at hand to boost your wellbeing in times of strife. It is a gift from nature that allows us to fight back against disease and viruses without having to suffer the side effects or toxicity of pharmaceutical solutions. Its range of benefits is to be welcomed, and we look forward to the future release of research into its benefits in the fight against cancer.

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