How Acupuncture Can Help To Conceive A Child

Trying to conceive a child can be a stressful experience for any couple, especially when results aren’t as quick as they would like. Couples trying to conceive will try a whole host of methods; complementary and medical alike. Of the complementary methods available, acupuncture offers a solution that some women praise as the reason for their pregnancy. The climate of growing acceptance of Chinese medicine, and its ability to sustain your general wellness, give good reason for you to add acupuncture to your list of fertility therapies.


There are several points on the human body that are said to help the process of conception. Traditional Chinese doctors claim they assist in boosting the secretion of hormones necessary for this purpose. A professional acupuncturist will make use of these points in combination with other personal or medical conditions, to apply fine needles to these points. The following is a general survey of the main points in fertility treatment.


The most important acupuncture points for female fertility lie in the back, along the spinal column. The acupuncturist will enter needles lightly at these points. This should stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems and cause them to synchronise in their hormone production. It’s all part of letting the body’s message systems know to prepare for the growth of a child. The second area of interest applies to both men and women. Points in the cranium have excellent access to the nervous system and input messages to raise fertility levels in the body. Small points on the scalp will be accessed for this purpose, and are not deep enough to cause any pain to the subject. The final area of application is the feet, and also applies to both partners in the conception process. It is important to remember that, according to Chinese medicine, the feet contain a map to the whole body. They are a vital entry point for setting in place the rhythms to boost the conception process.


Your first session of acupuncture will be daunting, whatever your motivation for trying it. Many people have an understandable fear of needles being placed in their body, alongside a basic skepticism about the effectiveness of ancient medicine. However, converts to acupuncture are being made on a daily basis in the West.

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