Best Plyometrics Exercises for Working Your Calves

Big, powerful calves can improve how efficiently your body metabolizes foods, provide you with more explosive power, and even correct some issues you may have while walking or running. The challenge is deciding the best exercises to build up your powerful calf muscles.

Plyometrics are one type of exercise that can do just that. These type of exercises can improve how rapidly your muscles will respond to sudden commands, improve how high you can jump, and give you an effective alternative to your usual cardiovascular exercises. Below are the plyometric exercises you will want to utilize to give yourself heartier calves.

Squat Jumps
Squat jumps have you starting in a deep squat position with your knees past a 90-degree angle. You then jump as high as you can, before returning to that initial squatting position. If you’re unaccustomed to squat jumps, then you should begin with two sets of 15 repetitions each.

Calf Raises
Calf raises are low-impact plyometrics, which means pretty much anyone can benefit from them. You simply begin by holding on to something while standing, lift up one leg to grab it, then lift up your straight leg to stand on your tiptoes. You hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly descend back down. Beginners should do two sets of 20 repetitions each.

Rebound Jumps
Rebound jumps require you to start with your legs straight, then jump as high as you can while bending your knees as little as possible. When you land, you then want to bounce up as high up as possible to continue repeating this exercise. Keep in mind that this is a very intense exercise. You will definitely feel the burn on this one. If you’re new to rebound jumps, then two sets of 20 repetitions each should be a good start.

Rapid Bunny Jumps
Rapid bunny jumps are incredibly similar to rebound jumps, but the goal isn’t to jump as high as you can, but rather to jump as many times as you can, so your legs really feel that burn. To accomplish one, jump with your legs as straight as possible. You’ll want to jump back up as soon as you hit the ground, which is what makes this exercise so intense. Start with two sets of 60 repetitions each. As you become more accustomed to this exercise, increase the number of repetitions you do.

Plyometrics are all about working your calves as hard as you can, which means that they will likely get your heart going while you feel that burn in your calves. It’s important to keep proper form during these exercises both to prevent injury, and to maximize the results of your workout. If you can accomplish this, you should see results with your calves in no time. According to Nature’s Energy you should always supplement a good workout with the right diet and liquid vitamins to be sure your body responds right to all the new training.


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