Zumba for a Cause

It’s something we’ve done on the morning show a few times – dancing and get fit with the help of zumba. And today – while we are going to talk about zumba again, the focus of this next interview is really a group of young ladies at Highlands Middle School. Right now – some of these ladies are in a mentoring group, learning about the theater and etiquette. And now – their mentors are hoping you want to zumba – so these girls can go on a college tour weekend. Joining me now are some of the mentors from the Prestige mentoring group. We’re going to talk briefly to some of them before we zumba! Two of the teachers – Ms. Blackshear and Ms.Gonzalez…. 3 áNEED 2 LINE GUEST INFOááNEED 1 LINE – STORYTELLERá If you want to zumba for a cause – the event is april 4th at Highland Middle School cafeteria. It runs from six to 7-30. Students pay two-dollars and adults pay three. Remember all the money will help students go on a college tour of Florida Universities. now here’s a preview of some zumba moves 3 3 .

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