Healthcare at Home: What Hospice Care Offers Patients

For people with an incurable, terminal disease and who are expected to have a life expectancy of six months or less, there is a compassionate treatment option known as hospice care. This type of treatment can take place in an out-of-home facility staffed with a team of medical professionals. It can also take place in the home, where the patient’s care is supervised by a medical team and sometimes performed by family members and friends. Hospice compassionate care focuses not on a cure, but on making a person’s final days as comfortable and bearable as possible. It also focuses on helping family and friends to deal with a loved one’s coming death.

The Medical Team
Anyone who is considering home hospice care should consult with the medical personnel or social workers in the area to set up a hospice team. This will generally include doctors, nurses, and various home health aides and therapists. These professionals not only care for the patient’s medical needs, but they become a source of support for family members going through a difficult time.

How Hospice Care Works
A hospice medical team will work with caregivers and patients to set up a plan that will care for the patient’s medical and comfort needs as well as the practical and emotional needs of family caregivers. Family members will be shown how to manage day-to-day care of the patient, such as feeding, bathing, and medications.

Costs of Hospice Care
Hospice care is often considered when cancer treatments no longer work and the patient is facing death from the disease. A doctor’s statement that the patient will live six months or less is required for this type of care to begin. It will continue, however, if the patient lives longer than expected. For those aged 65 and over who are covered by Medicare, an accepted Medicare-approved hospice program will cover the costs of this service. Costs include doctor and nursing visits, medications, homemaker services, and counseling for the family members.

For those who wish to spend the most time possible in the presence of friends and family–and in the comfort of home–hospice care may be just what they’re looking for. A specialist from Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care advises those considering hospice care to consult with a trusted medical professional about whether or not at-home care would be right for them. Certain conditions may require hospitalization, but for those able to stay at home with proper care, hospice services can be a great option.


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