The Five Best Things You Can Do For Your Respiratory Health

Your lungs are designed to last for a lifetime, but exposure to irritating fumes and contaminants can cause respiratory problems that limit your mobility and prevent your full enjoyment of life. Respiratory experts recommend caring for your respiratory health throughout your life to prevent conditions that often occur in later years.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking can cause severe damage to lung tissue and carries the risk of inhaling toxic substances that can cause cancer. Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. If you do smoke, join a smoking cessation program to help you to stop. A variety of treatments are available to help smokers quit their habit so that they can enjoy healthy lungs and better breathing throughout their lives.

Exercise Regularly
Respiratory experts agree that regular exercise helps to rejuvenate lung tissue and improve lung function. Aerobic exercise, that is, movements that make you breath more vigorously, are the best exercise for strengthening lungs, but more gentle exercises like swimming, bicycling or walking can also help improve lung function over time.

Have Your Home Ductwork Cleaned Regularly
Those who spend a lot of time indoors, especially during the wintertime, risk developing respiratory issues as a result of pollutants found in their ventilation. A specialist from Always Plumbing & Heating says regular cleaning of your ventilation systems reduces the allergens and other contaminants that can collect in the ducts. Contact a reputable service for annual periodic cleaning of the ductwork in your house.

Wear Proper Respiratory Protection
When doing home improvement projects, painting or performing work in the course of your employment, ensure that you wear the proper respiratory protection to prevent lung damage. Inhalation of toxic compounds can cause severe lung infection and problems that can last a lifetime. When working at home, protect your lungs against paint and solvent fumes, as well as any particles produced by sawing or grinding action. On the job, wear your personal safety equipment in environments anywhere dust, grit and chemical fumes are present.

Get Treatment For Minor Respiratory Problems
Colds and allergies often cause minor respiratory infections that can cause temporary discomfort. However, these conditions can also worsen, causing more serious respiratory infections. If you have a respiratory infection that does not respond to ordinary treatment, see your doctor, who can prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate the infection. In addition, if you suffer from asthma, see your doctor to receive an effective treatment regime to prevent additional lung damage.

By following these five tips, you can prevent the most common cause of lung problems and give yourself the best chance for a healthy and active life for many years.


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