Thinking of an Eco-friendly Farewell?

It’s not a subject that most of us would want to dwell on but more and more people are taking the time to plan their own funeral so that they can have an input into the type of funeral they will have. And for some people, the ideal funeral is one that leaves as small an impact on the planet as possible. This has led to a rise in popularity for eco-friendly funerals.

The environmental impact of traditional funerals can be high. Chemicals used in traditional burials may leach into the ground and wooden coffins can take many years to degrade. Some therefore think that cremation is a greener option but over 430,000 wooden coffins are burned in the UK each year which represents not only a large amount of timber but also a significant contribution to carbon emissions.

A ‘green funeral’ means different things to different people. It could include a bio-degradable coffin made from natural materials rather than wood, or using special filters during cremation to minimise gases emitted during the cremation process. Natural burials, for example in woodland environments, are also becoming more popular and people may opt to plant a tree to mark a burial spot, rather than erect a headstone.

Even thosewho opt for a more traditional funeral are making eco-friendly choices such as requesting donations to charity rather than floral tributes.

If you would like a particular type of funeral, it’s important that your loved ones know so that your wishes can be followed when the time comes.

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