Being Green is Child’s Play

Most children love finding out more about the natural environment. By giving them fun projects to get stuck into you can expand their learning and teach them about the importance of protecting our planet.

Many schools regularly run environmental projects for their pupils and there are lots of fun ideas online, so finding environmental projects to try at home should be easy.

The great thing about environmental projects is that they can provide a fun way to practice skills in other areas. For example, tracking your family’s energy usage can help children improve their maths and finding ways to cut down on food wastage teaches good lessons in home economics.

Involving your children in household initiatives can also help improve the eco-friendliness of your entire family. For example, children will be more inclined to remember to turn off the lights when leaving the room if it’s part of a bigger family project.

Here are some things you could try:

  • Track energy savings at home using a graph or chart and treat the family each month with the money you have saved
  • Spend a day in the garden recording all the various creepy crawlies you spot – you could turn this into an art project by drawing the insects, or find ways to attract more wildlife into your garden
  • Have a family ‘no car’ weekend and find fun things to do in your local area that you can walk or cycle to.

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