Is the Daily Commute Stressing You Out?

There are not many people that enjoy the daily commute to work. Whether it’s sitting on a noisy bus, sweating on a crowded train, or battling the motorway traffic, travelling to work is full of stresses and strains. And if you’re already running late for work, the pressure can be even worse.

Arriving at work feeling harassed and stressed isn’t a good way to start the day. In fact, if you find yourself getting wound up during your morning commute, chances are you’ll stay in a bad mood for the rest of the day. So wouldn’t it be great if your journey to work could be relaxed and stress free? Well here are some ways to make your morning commute easier.

Set off earlier
It might not sound like a pleasant prospect but setting off to work an hour or so earlier in the morning could make your journey much more relaxing. And if you arrive at the office before your colleagues, it will give you the opportunity to get jobs done in peace and quiet before everyone else arrives. Perhaps you could negotiate an earlier finish time with your boss to compensate for your early start.

Hide the clock
If sitting in traffic watching is causing you stress – try covering up the face of the clock. After all, you can’t change the time you will arrive so why stress about it whilst sitting in the car?

Enjoy the Walk
Walking is the least stressful and healthiest way to get to work. Not only will you benefit from fresh air and exercise but you’ll also be in complete control of your journey rather than having to battle with traffic or public transport. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to live close enough to walk to work but perhaps you could walk the final stretch of your journey so that you have chance to refresh and calm down before arriving at work.

Use the time
One of the frustrations of commuting is that it can feel like wasted time. If your journey takes an hour each way, it’s easy to dwell on how much you could achieve if only you could get that time back. So why not think of things you do whilst commuting. If you take public transport, perhaps you could use the time to plan your day or catch up with emails using your laptop. Alternatively, use the time for reading or studying, for example you could learn a new language during your daily journey. And if you drive you don’t have to miss out – you could play a language learning CD or inspirational podcasts whilst you drive.

If you find yourself getting wound up during the morning commute, try listening to relaxing music or inspirational recordings on your way to work. They will help you keep calm and set you up for a relaxed and productive day at work.

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