Help From Honey In The Fight Against MRSA

We’ve all heard of MRSA, a strain of bacteria that is dangerous due to its resistance to normal antibiotic treatment. This resistance makes MRSA life threatening for many and hard to prevent spreading from one person to another. Finding a cure for this growing wellbeing problem is top of many scientists’ agendas and it now seems that an ancient complementary treatment may have created a real breakthrough for our wellness. Ancient Egyptian medicine may well provide an answer to modern infections like MRSA that are resistant to antibiotics.


MRSA is a type of skin bacteria. A resistant quality of this bacteria and some others is their development of biofilm, a thin layer of microbes that form around wounds and prevent the wounds from healing by forming a protective barrier against antibiotics. This biofilm stops the wound from healing by preventing the structures for the healing process from growing.


This is where ancient Egyptian healing practices come to the rescue! Recent studies of ancient Egyptian writing has found that they put honey on bandages to prevent infections. These studies suggest that some types of honey have highly effective biofilm preventing qualities. A report in Microbiology Magazine found that Manuka honey stopped the development of biofilms and also inhibited their growth. This could be a major breakthrough in the combat of antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA, as it is the biofilms that play a major role in stopping antibiotics working. There is so much we can learn from ancient wisdom, and the mind boggles at how the ancient Egyptians knew the healing qualities of honey so well?


Honey is a complex substance that we still know little about but we do know it contains many antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. More research is being conducted right now to scientifically identify how honey and its ingredients can help you. In the meantime, if you wish to use honey as part of your complementary wellbeing practice, choose an organic honey that is completely pure and ethically sourced. You can use this topically to help heal the skin or choose to enjoy it on toast!

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