The Many Wonders Of Raspberries – The Super Food

We’ve known for some time that raspberries are a “super-food” – a type of food that is just full of powerful vitamins, nutrients and minerals. These nutrients are so abundant in a “super-food” that they give you many of the nourishing ingredients you need to survive and thrive. Raspberries include many antioxidants that are known to help reduce the risk of cancer. The University of California has published articles that show how and why raspberries improve performance, boost the immune system and  improve general wellbeing. Eating raspberries, therefore, comes highly recommended as a natural complementary treatment for all round wellness.


Many studies have looked into the beneficial effects of Raspberries, especially in the field of cancer research. One study, from Clemson University, found that the antioxidants in raspberries were effective in helping prevent breast cancer, and are able to succesfully kill off cancer cells. It is hoped that raspberries will become an accepted complementary supplement to assist in the fight against cancer.


Raspberries can be consumed in various forms, but dried fruits, unless dried naturally in a special food dryer, will lose some of the nutritional benefits. Fresh raspberries are of course the best option and especially delicious when taken in a smoothie or shake. Drinking a fruit shake every morning is extremely good for your general wellbeing. The nutrients of the fruit enter your body far quicker than having to digest all the fibres from eating the whole fruit. It is also a very quick and easy way to increase the amount of vitamins and antioxidants in your body.


Eating raspberries can be especially beneficial after strenuous exercise, due to the many properties that help prevent stiff muscles and reduce inflammation. Red raspberries have been shown in numerous studies to reduce cartilage damage and also improve bone reabsorption. These facts could also be of benefit to athritis sufferers as bone reabsorbtion, if improved, could significantly improve their wellness.

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