Soothe Stress And Ease That Tension Before It Grows

When you think of stress, how do you imagine it? Someone overworked, tired and desperately trying to finish a day’s work? An executive in a suit, red in the face arguing with someone on the phone? Or the mass of faces crammed into the trains or tubes on the daily commute?

All of these people are probably stressed this is true but what you might be unaware of is that stress has a specific set of symptoms which you can target individually. These symptoms aren’t the sort of things which will be easily treated with pills but that’s fine, there are some great alternative remedies to help ease your tension at the end of a long day!

  • Tension Headaches
    Once blamed on the muscles in the face and neck, it’s now thought that these are brought on by stress. To deal with this issue try ten minute slots of deep breathing or meditation every day. This can help to relieve whatever tension you may be feeling and in doing so, ease the pain in your head!
  • Spots
    A stressful day can send your skin glands into overdrive and increase the amount of oil which is produced on your face. Oily skin leads to spots and blemishes and in time can actually result in painful acne. The Chinese remedy for this was a relaxing drink of hot water with just a bit of lemon mixed in. This helps detoxify your skin and is an incredibly relaxing beverage to soothe your stress!
  • Stiff Neck
    The stress and strain of a day has a habit of seeping into your muscles and the neck is a very delicate support mechanism. It doesn’t take much to strain it and you can wind up carrying that pain around for a long time before it ever goes away! The best way to deal with the pain of a stiff neck is through massage but obviously not every has the time or can afford a nice long massage. For those than can’t, try a nice long soak in a hot bath. The hot water will ease the tension in your muscles and if you throw in some soothing oils, a bit of music and a glass of wine you’ve got your very own spa in your bathroom! De-stress in the comfort of your own tub.

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