The Convenience of Fast Food Versus Your Child’s Health

Fast food may be a convenient way of dining, but too much of it could cause your children to develop asthma and eczema.

For most people a trip to the local fast food restaurant is a rare treat, but those who sit down to a meal of burger and fries three times a week are putting their children at risk, according to researchers.

As well as the obesity issues, data collected from 500,000 children from more than 50 countries, suggests that this type of food could be responsible for conditions related to allergies.

Researchers looking at global disease and diet found those who ate fast food risked severe asthma, eczema and itchy, watery eyes. They also discovered that eating plenty of fruit protected children against these conditions.

The study showed that those in their early teens who ate fast food three or more times a week were 39 percent more likely to develop asthma. The risk was increased by 27 percent in six and seven year olds.

Eating three or more portions of fruit a week reduced the risk of asthma and eczema by between 11 and 14 percent.

With increasing amounts of fast food being consumed globally, there is a real concern that the number of children being diagnosed with asthma or eczema could shoot up.

While people with asthma do not usually have to follow a special diet, there are some food that can make their symptoms worse, including cow’s milk, eggs, shellfish, nuts and preservatives.

Eating healthily will improve your wellbeing and lower your risk of developing conditions and diseases.

Vitamins and antioxidants in fresh fruit and vegetables can help improve the symptoms of eczema and should be eaten as part of a balanced diet, according to charity Asthma UK.

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