The Secrets of Successful Teams

The renowned 19th century philanthropist Andrew Carnegie described teamwork as “The fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” And in most organisations people will be expected to work in teams from time to time. Some teams work well and get great results whilst for others teamwork is more difficult.

Successful teams make for a happy and healthy workplace. So how can ensure that the teams in your organisation are effective? Here are some tips:

It’s important to instil a feeling of trust within a team. Don’t put members of the same team in competition with one another as this will cause friction and prevent people sharing good ideas.

Resolve Conflict
If conflict arises within the team make sure it is dealt with quickly. People are bound to have different opinions from time to time so make sure discussions are conducted fairly and that people respect one another’s differences.

Set Objectives
Make sure the team knows what their goals are, who they should report to and how their success will be measured.

Mix Personalities
Don’t be afraid to put different personalities within the same team. Having a mix of people with varied ideas and approaches will often create the ideal team.

By creating teams that are built on trust and respect, you will keep staff healthy, happy and productive at work.

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