Time Management And The Endless Struggle For More

Time management has never been as imperative as it is today in the workplace. What with new technologies and how flexible they allow us to be it takes a lot less people to do the number of jobs which once took so many. This means that people tend to have a more varied set of tasks to complete at work than they once did. Great news for variety and keeping employees interested and focussed on what they’re doing but tricky to manage properly, especially at first.

Balancing your increasing workload at work and your home and social lives can be tricky too. A healthy balance here is essential to your health and well-being overall and as such we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to maintain your focus at work and allow time for yourself, friends and family too!

Say No. Some of us may really struggle to say no, if a close friend or family member asks us to do something you might feel like you’re obligated to do it. The truth is you’re not and people will respect you more if you can say no with some authority, your own time is your own time and how you choose to spend it will directly affect the rest of your life!

Unplug the TV. There’s no bigger time waster than television. What with today’s working hours and whatever commute you’re having to do, your time is precious and you’re going to want to spend it on much more than staring at the goggle box!

Notify the Notifications of your lack of interest! Nothing is more distracting and drags you away from the present more than constant updates from whatever social media site you’re affiliated with. Check it a couple of times a day but don’t let it dictate when those times are, turn off notifications and ease that burden on your precious time.

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