Are You Wired For Excessive Stress?

Everyone knows someone who flies off the handle at the slightest thing, and for the most part you’ll simply wonder what the problem is. But studies show that those who experience excessive bouts of stress-related rage could be hard-wired to do so. There are various reactions to stress that could indicate this irrational need to lash out, from a racing heartbeat in stressful situations to full-blown tantrums. For some, this way of dealing with stress can occur for years or even a lifetime.

Research suggests that those who experience extreme reactions to stress may be doing so out of an early childhood experience which wires them to react differently. Those who suffer from this affliction tend not to be able to explain their reaction, which could be due to an inbuilt need to do so. Though they may want to calm down, they find it difficult or even impossible. Normal stress responses involve an increased heart rate, a rise in the hormone cortisol and a higher rate of breathing. These responses are far higher in those who experience excessive rage.

There are ways to calm yourself down which you can practice with the hope of being able to react more rationally to a situation. Try setting daily routines which can reduce the risk of stressful moments occurring, or try to replace negative or worrying thoughts with more positive ones if you feel yourself becoming stressed. Your body is well equipped to deal with stress, providing its own calming signals when it feels itself becoming agitated, so try breathing deeply when an outburst is on its way to activate this inbuilt system. Also, aim to do more exercise which has a calming effect on the body and helps to release positive endorphins to boost your mental attitude. If you are concerned about your reactions, speak to your GP who may be able advise therapy to discuss the issue.

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