Reasons You Should Take Vitamin Pills With Caution

Reasons You Should Take Vitamin Pills With CautionVitamin supplements may seem like harmless nutrients that can’t have any adverse effects on our wellbeing. But, any substance taken excessively is likely to lead to some kind of harm, so how do we know if we’re taking too many vitamin pills?

Medical advice

Some experts say that if we eat a healthy, varied diet we don’t need to take any supplements. But most of us lead busy lives and don’t have the time we wish we did when it comes to organising nutrient-packed meals every day. This means we could rely on sugary snacks for an energy buzz, and fast food to satisfy our hunger pangs when we’re short on time. Taking supplements can complement our food intake and also give us nutrients found in meals that we don’t usually eat. But if we take too many then we could experience some of the following problems, say experts.

Taking too much?

Magnesium helps moderate our nervous system, contributes to strong bones and keeps our immune system healthy, but if we take too much we could end up with diarrhoea, which can dehydrate us and flush other nutrients from our system. Calcium is another mineral that our body needs to create bones and taking an excess amount can lead to constipation, heart issues and kidney stones. Some nutrients our bodies can’t store, which is another reason many of us take supplements. Zinc falls into this category, but like the other minerals it’s possible to have too much. The metal is needed to boost our immune systems, repairs wounds and assist in cell division, but it can also cause abnormal heart rhythms, gastric problems and weak muscles.

How much is too much?

When we buy supplements, labels recommend how much of the vitamin or mineral we should take every day, although we also need to consider the nutrients found in our diets. Our local doctor’s surgeries can provide more details about which nutrients will benefit us more and how much we ought to take to feel fit and healthy.

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