Live Well: Simple Ways to Add Ayurveda to Your Everyday Life

The Reason Vitamin D Is So TrickyThe ancient wellness lifestyle of Ayurveda helps you to optimise the way your body and mind work, so you improve your sense of overall wellbeing. Everyone wants to feel fitter, healthier and happier, but how can you implement positive changes into your everyday routine?

Start the changes by changing how you start the day. Waking up early, and we mean early, at 4.30-5.00am, helps you to access the freshest and purest time of the day. Grasping the freshness that is present in the air just before dawn allows you to spend your rest of the day with positive vibes and energy. However, if you’re going to start your day so early, you’re going to need a good night’s sleep so that your immune system cells will be at optimal levels. Ayurveda recommends taking a warm bath before bed, with essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood and slow and deep breathing to calm you down.

Also, starting your day with ‘honey water’ (a teaspoonful of good quality honey in half a pint of still water) helps to kill your body’s toxins, which Ayurveda advises getting rid of as early as possible by not delaying your morning bowel movement. At breakfast, and throughout the day, make sure you’re filling up on fresh, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables, and steering clear of oily-junk food, to develop energy and clear toxins. Then, walk to work or take a walk in the middle of the day to give your mind, body and soul peace without straining yourself physically.

For physical, mental and emotional balance, construct a schedule of all the things that you will be doing throughout the day and stick to it. Also, commit to drinking plenty of water to detox your body and keep your digestive system running smoothly. To keep disease away, maintain your weight and enhance your body’s blood circulation, include 30 minutes of exercises like cycling, yoga or any other aerobic exercise in your daily regime. Finally, take a few moments out of your day to disconnect from the outer world. Taking a break, turn off all sounds and gadgets, close your eyes, and just be.

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