How Can You Avoid Sibling Rivalry in Your Family Home?

The Sibling TightropeIf you have more than one child, sibling rivalry or conflict is an inescapable eventuality. However, though it is common, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interfere. Small arguments and petty fights can harm family wellness, and the emotional wellbeing of those involved, and so, as parents, it’s your job to take extra effort and care to nip sibling rivalry in the bud.

Start by determining the reason why your children are fighting – it may not be as simple as it seems. They may feel insecure towards each other or that they want your attention more. However, once you establish why your children are lashing out, it’s important to teach them how the things they say and do can lead to deep damage. Create an environment of kindness, respect and appreciation in your home, and encourage these qualities in your children.

Next, make sure that you avoid favouritism, and recognise and praise all your children’s abilities, talents and skills. Not only will this prevent them from competing with each other for your attention, but your praise will give them the confidence they need to achieve more heights in their talents. The same goes for good behaviour they demonstrate, so reward your kids when they play nicely together, and give them enough of your interest and time.

When conflicts do arise, you need to give your children the tools to manage it themselves, rather than jumping in and fixing it. Encourage the children to express their emotions in an appropriate way, and where they think these feelings may have come from. Also, it’s not only important that they feel valuable to you, but also to each other. Foster a feeling of oneness so that your children learn to respect themselves and others.

Remember, sibling rivalry is natural and doesn’t mean that your kids don’t love each other, or that you’re doing something wrong. However, if you create a home where you freely and clearly talk about your problems, and, as parents, you lead by example, you can stop sibling conflicts from damaging family wellness, and raise your kids into loving, respectful and kind people.

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