Make The Most Of Your 9 to 5 Routine With These Diet Tips

Achieve mood wellness with your dietMaking plans is a good way to save money, get our work organised and spend time with our families. Now a nutritionist is highlighting how we can use the same organisation skills to plan our meals so we have healthier diets, which could even lead to weight-loss.


In her new book the Monday to Friday Diet, nutritionist Susie Burrell explains how we can make changes in our daily lives to eat right. She writes how planning our meals seven days in advance could reduce the chances of us turning to high sugar snacks, as our kitchens will be well-stocked with more nutritious options.

Bulk cook

The food expert also encourages us to cook several meals on days off. She ear-marks Sundays as the ideal day if we aren’t working. She refers to them as sacred Sundays, and suggests we put together meals that we can eat later in the week when we’re too busy to prepare food.

Work in, working out

As well as being too busy to prepare meals as the week draws on, the nutritionist highlights how we may also feel time is too short for us to exercise. Instead of leaving exercise regimes to later in the week, Burrell recommends planning activities on the first three days of the week. In addition to feeling more rested after the weekend, we’re more likely find we have additional time to workout Monday to Wednesday, says the nutritionist.

Be timely

Knowing when to eat is just as important as knowing what to eat, remarks Burrell. She says that we should give our sedentary lives a boost by walking to work if possible and leaving our desks at lunchtime to get some fresh air. She believes our metabolisms will benefit from the extra activity. Our metabolic rate can be stimulated if we eat breakfast before 8am, lunch before 1pm and our final meal of the day before 7pm, added Burrell.

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