Why Anger In The Workplace Is So Destructive

Adult ADHD Is It More Than A MythWe’re all living busier lives than our ancestors did. Technology has many advantages and one of those is the simple fact that it lets us do more. We can travel further to work, we can fill our day with more tasks and we can holiday in exotic locales that even our grandparents may not have known existed. These are all great things and with each new innovation we can do more and more. It gets to the point however, where there’s simply no more that a person can do without burning out. There’s only so much we can handle in a single day and though we all have different tolerances to life’s stress, we all have a breaking point where it will become too much. Stress is good in a lot of ways, it’s our bodies way of telling us to slow down or take some time to ourselves. Unfortunately life expects a lot from some of us and there isn’t always an easy way out.


Work has become a massive factor of stress in a lot of people’s lives and unfortunately stress often becomes anger in the work place. If you’re unlucky enough to have experienced an angry colleague or worked with one for a long while you’ll know how damaging this emotion can be. You’ll also know if you yourself have issues in managing the anger when the stress just gets too much for you. The fact is that anger is a highly destructive emotion and it can lead you into doing things which you simply wouldn’t if you were calm. Things may be said or rash actions taken that you later come to regret. This just adds to future stress or anxiety and makes the whole working experience all the more difficult for you.


The best way to deal with work based anger is to move away from the issue. Forcibly take some time for yourself, step outside for ten minutes and calm down or even go for a drive. The physical distance from issues can often be enough for you to gain a little clarity. It’s all about attaining calm and then going to tackle those same problems with a calm and collected head on.

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