How AIDS And HIV Have Come To Dominate The World

AIDSHIV/AIDS is a scary disease. It’s scary on a world-wide scale and it has been scary for almost thirty years now. It’s not curable but it is avoidable and over the course of years and years volunteers all over the world have been trying to educate everyone on the importance of protection during sex. Around 70% of people who are HIV/AIDS positive in the world live in Sub-Saharan Africa as these people simply didn’t have the education or the money for contraception. Huge amounts of money have been piled into educating and supplying these people with all they need to protect themselves. It’s not enough though.

That’s the thing with HIV/AIDS, the effort has to be consistent or the condition just resurges. Though a great deal of progress was made in Africa in terms of contraceptives, the Pope visited and undid decades of work with a single proclamation claiming contraceptives went against god. Aid workers are now starting the battle for awareness and protection all over again but it’s not just an issue for Africa. HIV/AIDS are a worldwide problem and every country has people infected with the condition.

In countries which are more developed and have more resources for healthcare, HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was. There are now drugs available to help manage it and providing the patient keeps to their doctors advice they can live long and full lives. Treatment like this is only available where there’s money to pay for it and it’s expensive because it’s going to be needed for the patients’ whole life.

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to treat HIV/AIDS which are more cost-effective and easier to distribute. The day that they achieve a cheap and reliable way of managing this disease is the day we see the end of AIDS orphans. There are too many children who have had to grow up without parents due to this awful disease.

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