How Good Bacteria Could Strengthen Your Bones

bacteria bonesWe’ve known about the supposed good bacteria known as probiotics for a long time. They’re touted as digestive aids, helping to reduce bloating and improve your digestive system naturally. They’re most commonly found in fermented dairy products like yoghurt. As we get older the amount of probiotics which our bodies naturally form in our intestines begins to diminish. This can weaken our response to disease and leave us open to infection. Regular boosters in the form of yoghurts can help to build these defences back up.

A recent study in the USA has shown that probiotics have another much less expected use. They’re good for maintaining the strength of your bones in a way which still isn’t fully understood. So far the study only involves mice but the findings are so positive that researchers will soon be expanding it to incorporate people too. This could be potentially great news for sufferers of osteoporosis as current medications can have some nasty side effects.

Osteoporosis is a condition which can be immeasurably damaging to you as you get older. A general weakening of the bones can lead to every bump or scrape being dangerous and any breaks you do sustain will take much longer to heal than they once did. Most doctors recommend calcium to patients with osteoporosis and while this can be helpful in strengthening bones it can also be damaging. In large quantities calcium can cause heart issues and it doesn’t work very well without vitamin D anyway.

In the coming months we could see radical new ways to treat osteoporosis. This could lead to a general improvement in the quality of life of patients who suffer from the disease. If you’re interested in seeing if probiotics work on easing the strains of osteoporosis then start eating more yoghurt! Let us know if it works in the comments section.

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