Women In Canada Holding More Key Business Roles

women corporateWhile there have been many improvements surrounding gender discrimination in recent years there are still many ways that we could improve. In the UK we have taken a number of steps to attempt to affect an overall change in thinking and it is partly working – but now it seems we should be taking lessons from Canada in how to work gender equality properly. According to a new report, women in Canada now hold more top corporate positions than ever before.

According to the 8th annual Rosenzweig & Company report, women in top executive jobs has almost double since the company’s first survey. This is very good news as it shows that women have become more respected in the highest positions in organisations. The report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada found that eight per cent of the highest paying executive positions are now held by women. That’s almost double the 4.6 per cent from the original survey.

This shows that female leaders at Canada’s biggest public companies are increasing in number and the country may be approaching a tipping point very soon. In an ideal world this will mean that gender will no longer play a significant role in leadership hiring decisions and we will see gender equality at every level of society.

The corporate world is still dominated by men, and the fact that just eight percent of the top jobs going to women is viewed as a massive success shows exactly how much the balance is out of proportion. However, the authors of the study remain optimistic due to the change that we have already seen.

If we in the UK can match Canada’s improvement then it will definitely be a step in the right direction for corporate equality and a fairer workplace.

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