Employee Wellness: 4 Career Breakers to Avoid

As tenuous as the job market is today, employees are doing everything they can to stay in the good graces of their employers. If they get fired or laid off, people know how difficult it may be to find another job. Because of the uncertainty of the job market right now, people may wonder what they can do to make sure their employers keep a favorable opinion of them. Taking these ideas into mind can help people remain in solid employment and avoid being terminated from their employment.



1. Fraud and Theft

As company leaders continue to fight for profits, they have little patience for employees who steal or commit fraud. When employees are caught engaging in either, they are often immediately terminated and sometimes face criminal charges for their actions. An employee who wants to stay gainfully employed and in the good graces of his or her employer should be as transparent as possible in his actions and words. When the employer knows that this employee can be trusted, that individual is far less likely to be eyed for early termination or firing.



2. Calling in Sick Frequently

Having employees in the office or in the store means that customers can be helped immediately and the company can make money. When employees call in sick all the time, their employers may soon start to look down on those calls and perhaps view those individuals as being less than eager to work for the company. People who want to keep their jobs amidst this tough economy are encouraged to reduce the number of times they must call in sick for work. If they must call in sick, they can evade suspicion if they bring a doctor’s note or proof of any medications they are taking for their illness.



3. Driving Under the Influence

Most employers today have little tolerance as well for employees who incur DUI charges against them. Even if the DUI occurred outside of company time, employers still often look at the employees’ actions as being representative of their character in general. Even more, it is largely assumed that an employee’s actions off the clock can still be taken as representative of his or her employer.


In some states a DUI charge is considered a felony, such as in the state of VA, thus carrying heavy penalties. One Virginia DUI lawyers group states “Felony convictions can have very serious consequences for an individual, including a permanent criminal record, a negative impact on one’s employment opportunities and career, and a potential sentence of imprisonment.”


When employees are facing DUI charges, they also could face immediate dismissal from their jobs. Retaining an attorney is essential to obtain help. They can perhaps salvage their legal future and their employment when they hire a legal representative for help. An experienced attorney can negotiate with the court and the employer to help that person retain his or her job and face reduced punishment in the legal system.



4. Unethical Behavior on the Job

An employee’s actions away from work have just as much weight as his actions on the job. When an employee is caught engaging in unethical behavior, such as committing adultery or stealing, he may put his employment in jeopardy. Some employers view these actions as those that they want to keep away from their company. They also do not want that employee to have a negative influence on other workers who perhaps have higher standards.


With the job market continuing to stabilize, it can be vital that employees take every action possible to keep their jobs. They can avoid suspicion and disfavor by avoiding these actions. This will help ensure a longer and brighter future for the current job, but also for any future job opportunities that may arise.



Lisa Coleman shares some tips on what to avoid when working in a career to maintain a healthy employment. She recently read online about how a DUI can affect such a career, and how a Virginia DUI lawyers firm can help in such a situation.



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