Does Pre-menopause Syndrome Affect Your Life?

menoPAUSE for thoughtIf you are still a young woman, the word ‘menopause’ might not feature very often in your thoughts. However, there are many women like you who don’t consider menopause to be a problem yet in their life, but are already experiencing symptoms that could be quite similar to those expected during the menopause.

This can include any number of things, but usually involves gaining weight despite not changing your diet. You may also have uncomfortable or lumpy breasts, and this would be especially worse pre-menstrually. Also, your period could be becoming irregular, you could have lost some of your sex drive or becoming more irritable, especially in the morning.

The culprit for all of these symptoms could be something that is known as pre-menopause syndrome. Pre-menopause syndrome is not a natural or expected part of a woman’s life and can happen due to a poor lifestyle, bad eating habits or a toxic environment. The pre-menopause syndrome is a condition that most women are aware of but very few have a name for, instead believing that it is a natural progression in their life and typical of ageing.

This can lead women to suffer for a long time without realising that there are ways that you can treat pre-menopause syndrome and that you don’t have to suffer in silence. The symptoms often come as a result of hormone imbalances, mainly oestrogen dominance. They are not just about biochemistry; they are about women who struggle to balance work-life and simply forgot to take care of themselves.

Don’t suffer by yourself, speak to your doctor about the problem and they will be able to come up with a plan to help. This doesn’t have to involve taking chemicals or synthetic hormones; it can often be resolved simply by living a healthier lifestyle.

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