Shake It Off: Top 5 Shakes for Outstanding Health

Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your nutrition, meal replacement shakes can be an appealing option. Also known as protein shakes and weight loss shakes, these drinks are loaded with all the nutrition you need but still help you control your caloric intake. That being said, though, not all shakes have the same nutritional quality. If you are looking for one of the top nutritional shakes on the market, check out these options.

1. 18Shake
This option is touted by many as the best luxury meal replacement, which is probably for good reason. 18Shake contains no artificial flavors, is a good appetite suppressant, and it is relatively low in sugar. 18Shake is provided through the 18Nutrition company and uses a unique duo-protein formula that contains two high-quality proteins, whey concentrates and whey isolates, as well as fiber and vitamins. Because it’s such a good appetite suppressant and contains a well-balanced nutritional set, this shake is great for weight loss but can also be used to support muscle growth and weight maintenance.

2. Yoli Essential Shake (YES)
Yoli Essential Shake is another leader on the health food market. Some of the major benefits of this shake include that it is made of an exclusive “purawhey” protein, contains no artificial flavors, and is low in calories. This shake is designed to support healthy weight loss, enhance muscle development and maintenance, and serve as a healthy snack the whole family can enjoy. With its balanced nutritional profile, it is perfect as a pre or post-workout supplement, but can just as easily be used as a meal-replacement. The biggest drawback on this option is that it is relatively expensive when compared to other shakes of the same quality.

3. HMR Shakes
HMR has designed a number of weight loss shakes meant for use as meal substitutes. The HMR 120 mix contains a plethora of vitamins made scrumptious thanks to tasteful chocolate and vanilla flavorings. HMR shakes are versatile—easily crafted into shakes, puddings, mousses, and fruit smoothies. HMR products make weight loss easy: just indulge in a shake or variation once a day instead of a regular meal. This substitution will give you the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight, without compromising nutrition.

4. GNC Total Lean Shake
GNC Total Lean Shake is another favorite of consumers. This shake features a well-balanced ration of high-quality protein, important vitamins, key minerals, and healthy fats. It is designed to support weight loss, improve metabolism, and support muscle growth. The shake contains a unique soluble fiber found in oat bran, so it also helps keep blood glucose levels stable.

5. Shakeology Shake
Shakeology is favored for its unique nutritional profile. It consists of over 70 different ingredients, including non-soy protein, a complete amino acid profile, camu-camu, maca root, sacha inchi, acai berries, and more. Shakeology is a relatively effective hunger blocker and contains no artificial flavors; however, it, too, is somewhat expensive.

If you’re looking for a new shake, give one of these options a try. These shakes are great for supporting weight loss, muscle development, and even weight maintenance. Improve your health today with a tasty and nutritional meal replacement shake.


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