How can You De-Stress Quickly?

What Is The Link Between Type 2 Diabetes And StressStress relief can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is a relaxing spa day or a weekend abroad on a stress-free getaway, but often there simply isn’t the time. Getting rid of the stress in your life is important though, for your mental and physical health, so it helps to find ways in which you can de-stress quickly and cheaply. Here are some ways in which you can unwind from anywhere, without any cost or need for a lavish spa.

Meditating may not be something you can do just anywhere, but as long as you have a quiet room then you can spend a little time relaxing. This ancient practice is used by millions as a way of de-stressing and helps you to unwind and calm your nerves. It helps if you can find somewhere quiet to do this in, though those who have been practicing it for years can do it anywhere – it all comes down to how effectively you can block out the noises around you. If you’re strapped for time though, a short five minute breather to gather your thoughts can be hugely effective. Along a similar vein, yoga helps you to relax your whole body as well as your mind. If you’re new to this, going along to a local class can be useful so that you can learn the basics to practice at home.

Getting out into the natural landscape around you can be very refreshing for your mind. Go on a long walk along the countryside and take in the sounds and fresh air around you – you’ll find that not only does the exercise help to relax your muscles, but your mind will thank you for the breather, too. Deep breathing is a trick that’s free and easy, as well as being one which is used by many people as a quick way to de-stress. If you’re finding yourself getting stressed or anxious, try taking two minutes out to take a deep breath then slowly exhale – repeat this at least ten times. Lastly, laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and can help relieve the tension of stress – try  meeting up with friends or watch your favourite comedy for a light-hearted way to beat stress.

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